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speed dating in nottingham 
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speed dating in nottingham



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Diddy\'s twin daughters were surrounded by drugs and even covered in a mysterious white powder ... this according to a new lawsuit filed against the baby mama Nanny Dawn Drago says she worked for Diddy\'s ex, Kim Porter, from 2011 to 2012. Drago claims in the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Porter chain-smoked pot in the house while the young girls were home. But Drago claims marijuana was not Kim\'s only drug of choice. She alleges she found cocaine as well, and on one occasion she says she was driving the kids to school and noticed they were covered \"in a white powdery substance.\" Drago claims the kids had gotten into \"a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.\" Drago says she confronted Porter, who said the bag contained \"medicine.\"
Faizon Love beating the crap out of a valet, and getting arrested in Ohio is really good for biz ... based on ticket sales for his next stand-up show. As we reported, Faizon was arrested Tuesday after the brutal attack -- captured on surveillance video. The arrest came 8 days before his headlining gig at Funny Bone Comedy Club in Columbus. Perfect timing. Management at the club says they sold nearly 100 tickets on Wednesday alone ... the day after the comedian\'s arrest. By comparison, they only sold 24 tickets the day before. The spike puts his 2 scheduled shows on March 15 at just over 80% capacity. Also, management says no one\'s asked for a refund yet. As they say, no such thing as bad publicity. Although Faizon\'s lawyer might beg to differ.
Sources familiar with the pregnancy tell us the couple\'s surrogate is carrying a female bundle of joy. We broke the stories ... the baby\'s due in late January by a surrogate Kim and Kanye hired for medical reasons. Kim\'s placenta accreta condition could kill her if she carries another baby to term. This will be girl #9 in the Kardashian clan -- not including Kris herself -- and we\'ve learned it bodes well for one of those ladies in particular. We spoke with a notable child psychologist, who tells us North West and baby #3 will probably form a closer bond than Saint might with his new sis. And the reason\'s simple: sisters gravitate to their sisters. You don\'t gotta tell us ... or the Kardashians, either.
\"American Idol\" is struggling to land judges to join Katy Perry because of budget limitations, but it still has a weapon on reserve to lure \'em in -- a partnership with Disney. Our \'A.I.\' sources tell us ... the show\'s talent budget has a $40 million cap, which has been depleted by signing Perry for $25 mil and Ryan Seacrest for just over $10 mil. So, producers are having to get creative and sweeten the deal by offering celebs Disney perks that will turn into a big payday. We\'re told the perks include production deals, licensing and merchandising deals for Disney properties ... and also theme park partnerships. For example, Disney\'s Hollywood Studios features the Rock \'n\' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith ... but can always add more names.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sure know how to pick \'em -- surrogates that is -- because the woman they found to carry their third child sounds like the perfect choice. Sources familiar with the pregnancy tell us ... the couple\'s surrogate is an African-American woman in her 20s -- same with her husband. We\'re told she and her hubby have been married for 5 years, and their marriage is solid. She\'s also had experience in the labor department. She\'s the mother of 2 small boys, so she knows the drill. The surrogate\'s a college grad, so maybe the kid will pick up some of that through osmosis.
Daniel Cormier says there\'s still a ZERO percent chance he ever becomes friends with Jon Jones ... but is actually pleading with people to take it easy on his UFC rival. D.C. joined the guys on the \"TMZ Sports\" TV show on FS1 to talk about the backlash Jones has been getting after his failed UFC 214 drug test ... and while he doesn\'t ever wanna be buds, Cormier says the critics need to look at the bigger picture. \"When people are at their complete lowest, you gotta be careful with kicking them, because that\'s when stuff goes much bigger than sport,\" Cormier says. \"This dude has a family to worry about, and I mean ... God, man. What if this guy goes off the deep end? And then he\'s not there in the most important situations in life.\"
Selena Gomez\'s Instagram account just got hacked ... and whoever\'s behind it immediately posted nude photos of her ex, Justin Bieber. A post from Selena\'s official IG account went up Monday showing 3 paparazzi pics of Bieber flashing his penis ... with a caption that read \"LOOK AT THIS N***A LIL SHRIMPY.\" The alleged hackers included their IG handles and claimed they \"run da scene.\"

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